Velocity Map Imaging

Our group has constructed a Velocity Map Imaging (VMI) apparatus which provides angular-resolved velocity distributions of photo-dissociation fragments in the gas-phase.
Combined with high-resolution laser systems, we can obtain separate velocity distributions for each product quantum state.
Vacuum Chamber Our Lab in the Photon Science Institute
Cl dissociation at 235 nm We are currently studying the dissociation of Cl2 and CH3Cl using an Excimer laser for dissociation at 193 nm or 351 nm, and a nanosecond YAG-pumped dye laser for dissociation at other wavelengths, and for REMPI spectroscopy to probe the Cl fragments produced. Cl dissociation at 351 nm
Cl+ from from Cl2 dissociation at 235 nm Cl+ from from Cl2 dissociation at 351 nm