Current Group members

Short CV, see here

Sven Koehler

Huda AlSalem

Huda started her MSc project in the group in 2014 and managed to really get the surface-VMI experiment going. She started her PhD, co-supervised by Melissa Denecke, in 2015 on the SFG setup. She is now recording frequency- and time-resolved SFG data of functionalised graphene.


Urslaan is a final year PhD student on the Advanced Metallics CDT, and is mainly supervised by Enrique Jimenez-melero from Materials. Urslaan works on DFT calcualtion on hydrogen embrittlment in steels.

Urslaan Chohan

Saada Abujarada

Saada is a final year PhD student working on the surface-VMI experiment, studying the photodesorption of NO from Au(110) surfaces at various laser wavelengths.


Jamie is a final year PhD student (main-)supervised by Simon Pimblott. He works on hydrogen production from water adsorbed on metal oxides.

Jamie Southworth


Darryl is a second year PhD student (main-)supervised by Simon Pimblott. He works on hydrogen/oxygen recombination above metal oxides.

Darryl Messer

Past PhD students

Chloe worked on the SFG project on graphene derivatives and polymers. She was jointly supervised by Profs Andy Horn and Cinzia Cashiraghi. Her work resulted - amongst others - in a nice paper in Carbon.

Chloe Holroyd


Mike was the first PhD student in the group from 2009-2013; he set-up the entire VMI apparatus and conducted the experiments on the spatial validity of VMI, and on chloroform. Mike just moved back to Ireland for work.

Mike Reid
mriekied (at)

Rhiannon Monckton
rhiannonjmuk (at) yahoo

Rhiannon was PhD student from 2010-2014 working on the Dissociative Electron Attachment to water; she also spent some months with Greg Kimmel and Nick Petrik at PNNL on electron-irradiation experiments of water/CO ices. She now teaches in Japan!


Past MChem/MSc students

Christoph Flathmann

ERASMUS+ student in 2016/17, worked on the 3D-VMI setup, produced and analysed more data than I could keep up with, which resulted in a publication

Melissa Danial Iswan

MChem student in 2016/17, worked on the functionalised graphene SFG setup, and got a paper out of it!

Imogen Bee

MChem project student in 2016/17, worked on the 3D-VMI apparatus, setting up our SAM work.

Gemma Draper

MChem student in 2015/16, worked on the 3D-VMI setup, and got a paper out of her work!

Hasan Patel

MChem student in 2015/16, continued with the liquid evaporation molecular dymamics work, which resulted in another paper

Grace Frost

MChem student in 2014/15, was happy enough to travel to DCF to detect OH radicals from water ices using LIF

Ashley Hill

MChem student in 2014/15, did the first ever chemical synthesis in our group to prepare modified graphene to be detected by SFG

Rachael Draper

MChem student in 2013/14, implemented a gold surface into the VMI apparatus and recorded first spectra of NO laser-desorbed from NO on Au(110)

Scott Herron

MChem student in 2013/14, also implemented the gold surface into the VMI apparatus and programmed the 'centroiding' algorithm

Mark Williams

MChem and CCP6 summer project student in 2012/13, performed MD simulations of He atoms evaporating from dodecane. Now doing a PhD with Louise Natrajan.

Vicki Green

MChem student in 2012/13, completed the chloroform dissociation studies with Mike

Tom Morgan

MChem student in 2011/12, performed MD simulations of water and its interaction with Na

Vignon Mansilla

MChem student in 2011/12, worked with Mike on the photodissociation dynamics of chloroform

Jenifer Bailey

MChem student in 2010/11, worked with Mike on initial VMI calibration experiments


We also have collaborations with other groups, most notably with Prof Simon Pimblott's group (Chemistry, Univ of Manchester), Prof Andrew Murray (Physics, Univ of Manchester), and with Drs Greg Kimmel and Nick Petrik at PNNL. Dr Heike Arnolds (Liverpool) helped us and continues to work together with us on the sum-frequency generation setup, which Drs Rob Lindsay and Andrew Thomas started here at Manchester. The SFG on graphene project specifically is in collaboration with Drs Andy Horn and Cinzia Casiraghi, and the SFG project on liquid-liquid interfaces in collaboration with Prof Melissa Denecke (all Manchester). Our latest MD simulations of dodecane are part of an informal collaboration with Prof Gil Nathanson (Madison-Wisconsin).